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TensorOps Online

Dive into the world of AI video library

This one-hour webinar exploring the Secrets of Prompt Engineering , we'll discuss how prompt engineering resembles programming and what common design patterns they share

Key topics include:

• 0:00 -  Intro
• 2:11 - The GenAI Revolution
• 4:00 - What are prompts
• 5:53 - Survey of techniques (part I)
• 18:33 - Demo: Exploring Capabilities with #LLMstudio
• 22:40 - Survey of techniques (part II)
• 30:00 - Fitting prompts in modern LLM app’s architectures
• 34:20 - Analyzing different components - Chat
• 46:38 - Analyzing different components - Agent
• 54:16 - The future of prompt engineering


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Special Thanks to Stephanie Gardner Founder @Candeo Consulting 
With more than twenty years of experience working with industry giants like AWS, USAA, and Verizon, Candeo bring a wealth of knowledge and innovative solutions tailored specifically for small to midsize companies.

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