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AI Lovers Podcast 

We Let Humans Talk about Machines


AI Lover Episode #3

OpenAI's Search - What's the technology behind the move?

This episode on the transformative impacts of AI on search technologies features ⁠Gad Benram⁠ and ⁠Gabriel Gonçalves⁠ , along with our special guest, ⁠Edward Zhou⁠ —who has recently led the search ranking team at ⁠Notion⁠


AI Lover Episode #2

A Survey of Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques

This one-hour session exploring the Secrets of Prompt Engineering , we'll discuss how prompt engineering resembles programming and what common design patterns they share


AI Lover Episode #1

Analyzing the Costs of LLM's in Production

This episode offers a deep dive into the costs aspects of leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) in production environments

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