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TensorOps Online

Dive into the world of AI video library

This one-hour webinar showcasing architectures for enterprise-grade chatbots, moving beyond the proof of concept stage. learn how to build, scale, and improve your LLM applications using Azure Microsoft AI ecosystem. 


Key topics include:
• 00:00 Intro
• 07:37 What does a chatbot need?
11:03 ChatGPT vs GPT
• 13:00 Simple GPT Chat Application on Azure
• 21:23 End to End Chat Application
• 30:53 Advanced use cases - code interpreter
• 38:52 3 pillars to LLM optimization
• 41:32 Organization aware chat
• 43:55 The wonders of fine-tuning
• 49:59 TensorOps ChatBot solutions on top of Azure

Special Thanks to Yaniv Vaknin, senior AI/ML Technical Specialist @Azure

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