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LLM Deployment Assessment

Struggling with managing the performence of LLMs in production?




Struggling to manage LLM costs? Do you feel like you're getting vendor locked?

The LLM Deployment Assessment is a professional service that combines expert consulting with open-source frameworks to enhance visibility and analyze your existing LLM deployment.

TensorOps will guide you through the hardships

of cost optimization with LLMs in production using LLMstudio

Why dive into the LLMstudio cost workshop?

  • Gain visibility over your LLMs Introduce a centralized LLM gateway to your app to gain control and visibility over all the LLM traffic to and from your LLM application.

  • Log and Analyze Storing the LLM traffic in your data warehouse will allow you to visualize and analyze your application's LLM activity with metrics relevant to your business.

  • Configurable LLM calls Decide which LLM vendor and model are most suitable for each call, considering accuracy, latency, and costs. Switch between models using simple configuration, or apply smart routing.

  • Work with experts Unlike working with other monitoring tools, the process is guided by our team of engineers who have built and assessed LLM deployments for various enterprises.

Meet our experts

LLM Expertise at a Glance

Before embarking on our workshop, take a moment to watch our masters at work. These videos offer you a sneak peek into our team's expertise as well as a deep dive into the intricate world of LLM architectures, laying the foundational understanding for your workshop experience.

What will you get?

  • Detailed mapping of all your LLM calls

  • Estimation of cost vs accuracy vs performance 

  • Stress test of your application vs different vendors



  • Day 1: LLM Application code and architecture overview 

  • Day 2-3: Integrating LLMstudio gateway to collect data

  • day 4-5: Running shadow deployments and A/B testing of different models and vendors

  • Week 2: Collecting and analyzing the data to generate LLM optimization report

  • Future work: Applying changes to reduce cost and improve performance!

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