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Hard to keep track with all the technologies that are out there? LangChain? Llamaindex?​ Wondering about how to architect solutions for production?

Join our LLMstudio hands-on workshop. In just 5 hours, and guided by our seasoned AI experts, you'll boost your skills so you can continue evolving.

Why Dive into the LLM Studio Workshop?

  • Experienced Instructors: Our AI engineers have successfully implemented AI applications for numerous business verticals. Benefit from their knowledge and industry experience while navigating your Generative AI adoption journey.

  • Cross framework support: LLMStudio natively supports all backends and cloud services - OpenAI, LangChain, LLamaIndex and more.

  • Hands-On approach : Code your end-to-end RAG based chatbot in a few hours, see how you can easily implement integration with vector search and UI, backend and more!

Meet our experts

LLM Expertise at a Glance

Before embarking on our workshop, take a moment to watch our masters at work. These videos offer you a sneak peek into our team's expertise as well as a deep dive into the intricate world of LLM architectures, laying the foundational understanding for your workshop experience.

Key Features

  • 5 hours hands-on workshop (teams of up to 6 people)

  • One-on-one guidances from our 2 AI experts

  • Flexible mode: Remote or On-Site

  • Special price: Only $6000 USD until April 2024

  • Educational and Practical


  • Introduction to LLMs (1 hour)

    • Understanding LLMs: A quick introduction to the world of Large Language Models.

    • What's Trending: Stay updated with the latest releases and best practices in the LLM domain.

    • Beyond RAG: Dive into the advanced architectures of LLM applications.

    • Work with Giants: Learn how to integrate and work with popular LLMs like OpenAI, Google Bard, and Falcon.

    • Unified Interface for LLMs: Introduction to interfaces that help seamlessly integrate multiple LLMs. Tools Spotlight: A quick guide to MLFlow and LLMStudio for unified LLM access.

  • Chains & Agents (2 hours)

    • Design Patterns: Explore popular LLM design patterns like Mapreduce, Refine, and Map-re-rank.

    • LangChain & LlamaIndex: Dive into these powerful tools to refine and index your LLM data.

    • Using LLMStudio: Learn to design and deploy agents using LLMStudio, making your LLMs more interactive and effective.

  • Hands-on Workshop (2 hours) Building a Mini RAG-driven Chatbot

    • Use OpenAI and LLMStudio to build a responsive chatbot

    • Understand the role of vector databases in enhancing your chatbot's capabilities.

    • Learn best practices in software design for LLM applications.

    • Embrace a test-driven development approach for LLM applications.

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