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TensorOps Online

Dive into the world of AI video library

We are offering a one-time-chance to get on board and impact how #LLMstudio is going to be developed!


👨‍💻 Before diving in, make sure to check out our GitHub to see the latest updates and how you can contribute:


💡 For the quick start on how to install: 


Many companies are looking to start building monitoring tools for LLMs where cost is getting increasingly more important. LLMstudio is an open-source monitoring platform compatible with all the latest LLMs. It is designed to remain open-source, and now you have the chance to impact how this library is developed. Think about your use case if you care about your LLM cost and monitoring.

💡 This is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding of #LLMOps, see LLMstudio's capabilities, and hear from those already making waves with our technology. Whether you're curious about open-source vs provider-specific LLMs, looking to optimize costs, or eager to become a Design Partner, this conference has something for everyone.

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