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LLM Studio: Now Supporting Google’s Gen-AI models

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

LLM Studio, developed by TensorOps, is an open-source tool designed to facilitate more effective interactions with large language models, such as Google's PaLM 2.


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The primary function of LLM Studio is to aid in the process of prompt engineering, which is an important aspect in the development and utilization of AI technologies. Prompt engineering involves the crafting of specific inputs or 'prompts' that are designed to optimize the output of an AI model. These prompts enable users to guide the AI's responses in a way that is most beneficial to their specific use case.

LLM Studio is particularly useful for those involved in the development and refinement of prompts for large language models. It provides a platform for prompt engineers to work more effectively by allowing them to interact and experiment with the AI models in a more intuitive and accessible manner.


At the heart of LLM Studio, you'll find our playground editor. This is not just an editor - it's an exploratory space where you can test prompt inputs and fine-tune parameters for the LLM interface. It's designed to provide you with the freedom to test, to learn, and to perfect your prompts.

Execution History and Data Export

LLM Studio also comes with a fully integrated history of all executions. This is where the magic of data meets the power of AI. You can filter for model-specific interactions, recall a previous execution with ease, and even export the entire history into a convenient CSV file. This feature is all about giving you more control over your AI interactions, and we believe it's going to be a game-changer.

Open-source Alpha

Currently, LLM Studio is in a open-source alpha phase. We're taking the time to perfect every detail, to make sure it's the best it can be. This is your chance to experience our new platform firsthand.


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