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Dive into the world of AI video library

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Reducing the cost of AI

and LLM applications

Discover why many companies struggle with scattered billing and multiple vendor payments and Learn actionable strategies to optimize these expenses without compromising performance


A Survey of Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques 

This one-hour webinar exploring the Secrets of Prompt Engineering , we'll discuss how prompt engineering resembles programming and what common design patterns they share


Analyzing the Costs of Large Language Models in Production

This one-hour webinar offers a deep dive into the costs aspects of leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) in production environments.


Beyond PoC: Enterprise Chatbot Architectures

This one-hour webinar showcasing architectures for enterprise-grade chatbots, moving beyond the proof of concept stage. learn how to build, scale, and improve your LLM applications using Azure Microsoft AI ecosystem.


TensorOps AI Driven Talent Management

Dive into the future of HR with TensorOps AI-Driven Talent Management! 


LLMstudio Open Source Project

We are offering a one-time-chance to get on board and impact how #LLMstudio is going to be developed!

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