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The AI Experts

Delivering Comprehensive AI Solutions for Businesses: From Innovation to ML Adoption, MLOps, and Hands-On Implementation

DS and ML


AI/ML Development



Technologies that we work with

  • Chatbots and Agentic Workflows

  • Forecasting and Prediction with Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision

  • MLOps

  • Large Language Models

What We Offer

Helping companies enhance their AI deployments requires a carefully structured approach. Our method involves identifying together what stage you are at in the AI adoption curve and fitting a solution based on numerous cases that we have handled in the past.

AI Assessment

Quickly estimate the state of your AI in your organization and the potential business impact of working with TensorOps


Get access to our trusted advisors for consulting sessions whether they are one-offs or ongoing

Project Enablement

Trust our combination of AI experts and project managers to deliver end-to-end projects to production


Train your team to be more familiar with emerging AI technologies bases on TensorOps' hands on experience 

From ML experts
to ML experts

With highly skilled professionals, we augment existing teams or set up new ones for quick success. 

Team augmentation

Precise consultation

Finding the right ML approach

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